Monday, May 5, 2008

Feeding Cure chickens

Once a week my mom and I go and feed the chickens and ducks at Cure Farm. They have three flocks of farm birds, two of them are adults and the other one is comprised of 100 pullets and at least thirty young ducks (pullets are young hens and these ones should start laying eggs in June).
(the chicken's thinking "Let me eat my grass in peace!")

Sometimes the chickens get out of the chicken yard and I have to go catch them.

Mr. Mallard is the alpha duck and pushs around the younger ducks which we think is mean.

First we have to drive to the farm. We bring compost, squashes if we have any and a hammer for breaking the squash. Then we get the feed before we see the chickens and ducks. The seed is in a bin next to a shed near the Giving Garden at Cure farm. We also get water from a pump. Then we go to the pullets and ducks and they are in the chicken coop and yard.

We pour the feed into hanging feeders in the henhouse, and in a tray in the chicken yard. Then we pour water into water containers, if they are low. The ducks drink and go swimming in the water. We also give them extra greens either from the farm or from the grass outside the chicken yard. Next we refill our feed and water buckets, get some egg boxes and go to see the adult chickens. When they see our car, they come running to the fence hoping for a lot of food (you should see how they fight over or for the innards of the squash we give them, it’s a riot).

After we feed them, we go and look for eggs. After that we put the extra egg boxes back, put the egg boxes with eggs in them in a fridge in the garage and return the feed and water buckets. Finally we go home.

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