Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Making a cheap worm bin

First buy three plastic bins that nest together (we chose Rubbermaid bins). Next you need millions and millions of tiny drain holes in the bottom of the middle sized bin which will be your worm's home. It helps if you have lots and lots of people to help you drill the holes (drilling speach, "I-I-I-I n-n-n-nee-nee-nee-need s-s-so-so-some h-h-he-he-hel-hel-help!")

<>Here's what the bin looked like after they worked days on end to fix it. :P (mom says I exagerated a tiny little bit there:P)

Next we had to make worm bedding (dogs think "Yummy!"). We had cardboard boxes and cut them up in a paper cutter. In the picture below you can see the cardboard strips we made (and the dogs).

Then we had to get the cardboard moist so we put the cardboard strips in a bin with some water in it and let them soak a while.

Then we went hunting for worms in our half frozen compost. We found some balls of worms in the middle of the compost (I think the worms ball because they are cold and want to share their warmth.). After that we put the worms in a bucket and took them into the house.

Oooooh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The dogs think "Worms yummy food!"

Is it worm eating time now?" the dogs thought. We actually had drained the water out of the cardboard so you wouldn't drown the worms. Then we put in the worms and the compost and water. We drilled holes in the lid of the box and put it on.


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